High Density Cabinets / Bulk Filers (360mm Deep)

  • 360mm deep cabinets – Suitable for Lever Arch Files
  • Bulk Filers – also known as High Density Mobile Filing Cabinets are used in Storage rooms, Filing rooms & Open Plan offices.
  • They are also most commonly used where there is a shortage of costly office floor space.
  • The larger the Bulk Filer the more storage space percentage is saved. Up to 50% of the floor space used by traditional static shelving & cabinets can be saved using Bulk Filers. This floor space can then be used for alternate use.
  • Bulk Filers make this possible by only having 1 aisle (walk in area) at any given time using a mobile / moving cabinet system.
  • Bulk Filers also look amazing and can be customised to your individual requirements.