Stacking Baskets


Baskets: Standard Stacking Basket &
Collapsible Std Stacking Basket
Large (Wider) Stacking Basket Small (Narrow) Stacking Basket
Dimensions: 880w x 400h x 475d @ middle / 400d @ bottom 930w x 300h x 370d @ middle / 310d @ bottom 530w x 300h x 370d @ middle / 310d @ bottom
Accessory Options:
Basket Dividers Yes Yes Yes
Top Shelf – Mesh Yes - -
Top Shelf – Sheet Metal Yes - -
Base Frame – Height Adjustable Yes - -
Base Frame – With plastic Castors Yes - -

Collapsible Standard Stacking Basket

  • Takes only 20% of the transport space compared to the Std Stacking basket.
  • Ideal for export or when you are using a courier and transporting large quantities.